What creates contentment and laughter?

There is a saying about measuring life in contentment and laughter rather than inches and pounds, and I started to think about it.  A lot.

What is it in my life that creates contentment and laughter?

My answer to that question:  Being healthy

What allows you to be content or have unbridled laughter?


Is it:

  • Being able to play three sets of tennis without being out of breath
  • Have a first ascent on a route that you have been unable to climb before
  • Running a 10K with your grandchild
  • Swinging a golf club with great balance and head speed
  • Walking the Camino de Santiago with your spouse in your 60’s
  • Or is it simply leaving a doctor’s office with the knowledge that you can stop taking a cholesterol or blood pressure pill.

Whatever it may be to you, the basis is being healthy enough to complete your goal.  This all begins with exercise and good food choices.  Life isn’t measured by a “scale”, but it is measured by joy that is created by being healthy.

Make your health a priority this year and every year,  and your laughter will continue for years to come.

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