Training Programs

Nicola believes in high intensity, functional circuit training and her sessions run about 30 minutes

You don’t get much of a breather in her workouts, but that is because they are designed to build not only your strength, but also your cardiovascular endurance.

New studies have shown that if your goal is weight loss, it is still better  to train with high intensity intervals rather than keeping your heart in a fat burning zone.  You burn more calories in shorter amount of time, and you increase your lung capacity.

Nicola’s 30-40 minute intense functional circuit training sessions coupled with nutritional advice can help you:
lose weight
get stronger
tone your muscles
increase cardiovascular strength and endurance
prevent injuries and decrease muscular imbalances
increase balance and flexibility
take you to the next level with sport specific training
1/2 hour private sessions are $45.00
1/2 hour semi-private sessions (2 people) are $65.00