Set Short term Goals For Weight Loss – It Will Help You Stop Procrastinating

How many times have you told yourself that you are going to lose weight?  You have a wedding coming up in 6 months or a vacation in 4 months, and you are going to look good.  The first week you are off to a great start.  In the gym daily, watching what your are eating, and wow!, you lose a couple of pounds the first week.  Then the second week, you have short ribs and french fries, and perhaps you make it to the gym two or three times.  You think to yourself that it is okay because you have a few months to go.

Before you know it, you are no longer journaling your food, and you have stopped losing weight.

This is very common.  Instead, set shorter term goals.  What is happening thirty days from now?  Set a four week goal and stick to it.  Once you have accomplished that, then look another 3 or 4 weeks out.  It will be easier to stay the course and not procrastinate.  Something we are all very good at.

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