Personal Training during Covid-19

It has now been a little over a month since both Sender One Climbing and the Racquet Club of Irvine had to close their doors due to social distancing guidelines.  Wow, what a crazy world we live in.  It has been quite a journey over the past 4 weeks transitioning to online training.  In these times, we all have to be chameleons and find ways to continue to help others.  Through Sender One, we have been able to offer both YouTube Live Streaming Yoga Classes and Mindbody Zoom class links to a variety of classes.  I taught a high intensity interval training class at Sender One; however, I limited my class to five people, and the majority of my training was privates.  I have been able to continue some private training via Zoom.  It is so hard to not be able to be close to someone and touch them to have them feel a specific muscle work or adjust their positioning.   I am so injury averse.  I have taken to sending videos of me doing it with proper form and texting it.

However, I have been so impressed with the inventiveness of members in finding something in their house that is equivalent to a 2 or 3lb weight.  Or even, a 10lb weight with a bag of dog food or bags of rice.  I have also had a few clients with literally nothing.   Workouts can be accomplished quite successfully with nothing but your own body weight.

My advice on this particular blog is to continue to self-distance; however, that does not mean you cannot go outside for a walk, run or  bike ride.  I have read that particles have the capability to travel farther than the recommended distance when someone is exerting physically.  Therefore, when I am walking our dogs and see a bicyclist coming my way, I will cover my nose and mouth until they are about 40-50 feet past me.  Maybe a little too much, but I would rather go overboard than not enough.

Be active and physical in your own home. It is okay if you cannot do a push up on the ground. You can find a kitchen or bathroom counter and do pushups on an incline.  If you are afraid of squats, sit on a chair or a couch and from that position, drive your weight through your heels and push to standing position.

I have a couple workouts posted.  Here is the link to a High Instensity session:

And, here is a link to a LOW Impact workout:

With regards to food:  stay away from the refrigerator.  Stick to your old routine when you used to go to an office.  Have Breakfast, work, maybe go for a walk, but don’t keep visiting the kitchen.  Set a reminder on your phone to stop snacking or set a timer on your phone for your lunch, snack, and dinner.  Try to only eat during those times.  Tie a rope on your finger!  A reminder to stay away 🙂

Boredom and stress can both lead to over eating!!!!

Remember, your weight is driven more my food than it is by exercise.

Please be safe and self distance as that seems to be the way to flatten our curve!!!! 🙂


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