Medicine Ball Training for Tennis

Medicine ball training is common among tennis players focusing on improving their game

How can training with a medicine ball help your tennis game?


federer core

Core Strength:

When training with the medicine ball, most of the movements are done utilizing the core and trunk; thus strengthening back and abdominal muscles. One advantage of training with the medicine ball for tennis is you can copy specific movements such as the forehand or backhand, and repeat them often over a short period of time. Also, traditional abdominal exercises isolate a targeted  muscle group, but training with the medicine ball allows you to train several different muscles in the core at once.





Speed in reference to reaction time is crucial in tennis training. Medicine ball training for speed requires throwing and catching the ball in conjunction with other tasks, such as lateral shuffling or change of direction. How quickly your body turns to pass or catch the medicine ball is all dependent on the person’s reaction time.Inflatable Bounce House


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Explosive Power:

Improving explosive power is a goal for anyone seeking their best tennis game. Using training methods with the medicine ball that entail throwing from the chest and overhead help develop power in the core, as well as improving the connection between upper and lower body strength. It also strengthens trunk flexors and hips.



federer rehab


Medicine ball training can be used in the recovery stages of rehabilitation, as well as the start of a rehab program. It’s popular to use a medicine ball when working with common injuries located in the spine, knee and shoulder. The main advantage to medicine ball training during  rehabilitation is that it offers quick and safe recovery.



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Upper and Lower Body Strength:

Medicine balls are also great for developing upper and lower body strength. Performing plyometric drills such as overhead throws, squat throws, side throws and explosive start throws help with building explosive upper body strength. Unlike dumbbells and barbells, a person can use quick movements throughout the duration of the exercises as well as the ability to release or throwthe ball to simulate a particular swing pattern.

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