Fitness Testimonials


“Nicola is one of the best if not the best trainer in Orange County. I had been working without a trainer for over a year and I have gotten more results in the past two months than I had achieved on my own. In only a month Nicola has helped me lose weight, increase my strength, has provided tremendous climbing specific training as well as physical conditioning for the numerous outdoor activities I participate in. Including endurance and cardio workouts for distance hiking / backpacking and stronger knees and form for running as well as helping me tone and define by body. I appreciate how Nicola has made it a point to not only help me lose weight but also strengthen my whole body so that I can lead a healthier lifestyle.” – Austin

If you want someone who will listen to your concerns, encourage you and help you lose weight in a healthy and fun way than Nicola is your trainer. She is not loud or pushy, in fact she is polite, has fantastic manners and extremely accommodating.
I can’t recommend her highly enough!!!!”Over the past 20 years, I have utilized several personal trainers. Nicola is by far, the most skilled and competent trainer. Nicola tailors the workout to my specific needs and brings out the results I am looking for in my workouts. She is able to motivate me to push harder and realize the goals I previously thought were not possible. Nicola’s knowledge of nutrition and physical fitness are amazing. She presents this information in a manageable overall workout that is not overwhelming to someone, like myself, who is learning to live a healthier lifestyle.” – Susan Goldsmith

“Before I actually signed up my fitness workout with Nicola in 2006, I was one of those people who were classified as “on again off again weekend exerciser”. It didn’t produce any meaningful fitness improvement at all. Now under Nicola’s supervision and coaching, I am getting much fitter both mentally and physically. Every time I go to the RCI gym, I am holding the attitude that it is a privilege and not an obligation to go workout. Thank you Coach Nicola!” -Fong Hsu

“My biggest problem with working out, is just plain actually doing it. I started with Nicola over a year ago – 2 days a week, 1/2 hour sessions, and told myself I would go 1 other day a week on my own and do the routine she printed out for me. Well, that happened very rarely, so now I work out with her 3 days a week. If you commit to any trainer and therefore have the accountability factor, it is going to make you go….but, one of the great things about Nicola is that she mixes up the routines so it’s not boring or expected. She throws in new things all the time, which makes me think about the new exercise rather than “oh, here we go again with the same one”. For me, it is so much better. Plus, she always discusses nutrition and proper eating habits, which always makes you think about what you are putting in your body. As an extra bonus, Nicola also plans Saturday morning walks on great trails down by the beach, at no charge, and that gets you out too! Thank you Nicola! You MAKE ME DO IT!” – Shayne Perkins, a.k.a. Slug without Nicola

“One of the best things I ever did for my health, fitness, and especially my tennis game. Working out with Nicola is by far some of the best off-court training one can get.” – Romi Archer

“You can’t hit a good shot if you never got to it in the first place.  Wanna get faster?  Then come to some of Nicola’s classes.  I feel 20 yrs younger.”  Charles  Landis

“I’ve been working with Nicola for the past 2 yrs. My blood pressure has dropped, cholesterol lowered and my heat rate bounces back faster after workouts or exercise!  My weight has dropped 15 lbs from the start of training and I have a better awareness of  a healthy lifestyle, including a better diet.  I don’t always eat & drink (beer @ RCI bar!) as I should, but my overall health has improved dramatically…just ask my doctor! Thanks Nicola!”  – Brad Oelschlager