Crunches Will Not Reduce Belly Fat

You can’t spot-reduce fat. Working the muscle beneath a layer of fat won’t do any good to reduce the fat in that area. Unfortunately, our bodies decide where we lose weight from, so the best thing to do is try to reduce total body fat through diet and physical activity.   Your diet is the most important part of losing weight!

Your stomach muscles are smaller in comparison to your lats, pec, quads, and hamstrings.  These muscles take more energy to move so you will burn more calories.  Lunges, squats, pushups and pull ups are all more beneficial than focusing on the small core muscles.

Not only does doing 300 crunches a day not reduce that layer of fat over your stomach – they can actually create bad posture and create the illusion of a belly! Crunches mimic the posture we use when we’re sitting for much of the day, and the last thing we want to do is further develop that hunched position.

Also, crunches really only work the front surface of our abs, ignoring the rest of the muscles in the trunk. To get strong abs, try doing core exercises like a plank, trunk twist for your core (transverse abs), side bends to work your obliques, and superman to work the all-important (and often forgotten) lower back – the foundation to great abs.

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